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Blog-happy Xers challenge Millennial Internet dominance

by Cree McCree WHAT’S HAPPENING Millennials no longer rule the Internet. Xers have taken the lead in two key areas and are neck and neck with their younger rivals in the blogosphere, according to the Generations 2010 report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project (Fox 26 Houston, 17 December 2010). Consumers aged 34-45 […]

Stress has Xers feeling their age (and older)

by Cree McCree WHAT’S HAPPENING Raising young kids while dealing with aging parents and working two jobs to fend off debts doesn’t leave much time to relax. As Xers enter midlife, they’re starting to feel their age. Dr. Phillip van der Merwe, a family physician in Calgary, Alberta, sees many patients in their 30s and […]


by Charlotte Beal I love food, but I hate my lifestage when it comes to food. I have a job, a picky preschooler, a Bjorn-saddled infant and a husband who doesn’t get home from work until late evening. The dinner ritual pretty much consists of me doctoring something in a mad dash, only to find […]


by Hans Eisenbeis As many of our clients undoubtedly were reminded last week at Iconosphere, our annual conference, we’re a pretty wired company. We work virtually, from all over the world — last count, 17 countries — on laptops and smartphones and even iPads. I was a little embarrassed, then, to show up at headquarters […]


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