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R U serious? Study finds text messaging improves children’s spelling

by Robert van Alstyne WHAT’S HAPPENING If parents take the results of new research from Coventry University to heart, they may soon be adding “type some texts 2night” to their little ones’ list of household chores (ReadWriteWeb.com, 25 January 2011). Working from a pool of 114 9- and 10-year olds who had previously never used […]

Jonas Brothers to teens: X the TXT

by Cree McCree WHAT’S HAPPENING Softballs aren’t the only thing the Jonas Brothers are pitching on their 2010 Road Dogs tour, where they open each show with a softball game. They’ve also got a message for teen drivers: “X the TXT.” Sponsored by Allstate, the free tour stops at minor-league stadiums nationwide. Fans can join […]

OF NOTE: Counting cash; sour milk; virtual reality, cash scams and greetings; IKEA; coffee klatch (11.13.09)

-Cash: We’ve watched businesses stop taking it and consumers start saving it. Here’s a look at how people count it across the globe. [vsl] -Sour milk and a settlement for CVS. -A practical panacea: Virtual reality environments are being used to help people lose weight, quit smoking and conquer fears. -‘Tis the season to be […]

OF NOTE: Grumpy, Lonely, Oldie, Sleepy (11.6.09)

-According to findings in Australian Science magazine, negative emotions can have a positive effect on decision making and clear thinking. Joie de Vivre gets another smackdown in Barbara Ehrenreich’s latest book where she shreds the powers and prowess of positive thinking, scolding Americans for being relentlessly upbeat. -Lonely? A recent Pew study on social isolationism […]


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