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by Stefania Revelli It’s that time of year again. Oil refineries are getting a spring cleaning, gas prices are heading upward, and New York City was recently host to the 2012 International Auto Show. Iconoculture talked to dozens of consumers and product specialists there and found three recurring themes: fervor, fuel and fear. Visitors were […]

Broga is yoga for men

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING Women are welcome, but Broga is described as a yoga practice designed specifically for men. The practice, described as “strong, energetic and challenging,” focuses on postures that strengthen the core, tone muscles, reduce stress and provide clarity. Men who are new to yoga are encouraged to take Broga as an […]

High-capacity scales respond to a heavy issue

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING Weight Watchers has taken a cultural cue from other environments (like seats) that accommodate larger individuals; the Weight Watchers Wide Platform Scale has a wider base and a heavier weight limit (Drugstore.com, January 2012). The scale has an oversize, wider platform (13.8-by-11.8-inch surface, compared to standard scales that hover around […]


by Stefania Revelli Most women (and perhaps men) have been there — staring, incredulous, at the perfection of women adorning magazine covers and uncertain whether they should feel inspired or insecure. Although airbrushing is no beauty secret, it turns out that most women still fall into the latter group. When polled, four out of five […]

MEAT Podcast, Episode 4: News, Black Friday and cutting the tech cord for health and wellness

by Mike Garrison, Andrew Hawn, Katie Elfering, Robert van Alstyne and Stefania Revelli Media, Entertainment and Technology Strategists rant on the news of the week.  Tune in for opinions on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and our new trend around the intersection of health and technology. To listen to the podcast, click here.

The health case for more silence grows noisier

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING Do not read the following observations out loud: The White Noise Lite app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. There are more than 500 noise-canceling headphones available on Amazon.com (Real Simple, July 2011). Loud noises contribute to poor sleep, high blood pressure, strokes and circulatory problems, according to […]


by Stefania Revelli As most of the nation’s little ones get into back-to-school mode, their Millennial and Xer parents are stuck with their own daily homework: solving the problem of how to pack more produce into lunchboxes — a struggle that dominates meal planners’ daily lives. Why else would Deceptively Delicious and its stealth approach to […]


by Stefania Revelli More American families are chickening out. The comment isn’t meant to ruffle any feathers: More consumers are actually keeping chickens as personal pets and not necessarily seeing them as simple egg providers (Today Show, 11 April 2011). For those clueless about clucking, resources abound: Backyard Poultry magazine actually exists. Omlet.com has covered […]


by Stefania Revelli In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share a relationship story. With a third child en route, I recently traded in my 2004 Toyota RAV4 for a pre-owned Sienna. Endless room, heated seats, built-in entertainment, bumper-to-bumper sensors, easy entry, alloy wheels — and yet I felt unmoored. Becoming a so-called minivan […]


by Stefania Revelli I was diligent enough to do most of my holiday shopping early this year, but I have yet to buy for what I deem the toughest group — parents and grandparents. After a few conversations with consumers in a similar boat, I’m considering the gift of health. One Gen Xer told me […]

EV chargers get domestic

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING As the popularity of electric vehicles climbs, so does the convenience factor behind charging stations that allow more drivers to charge quickly, without leaving home. GE’s WattStation Level 2 home version, slated for release in 2011, will be able to fully charge a car in four to eight hours. U.K.-based […]

“Medical mirror on the wall, how is my cholesterol?”

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING Consumers looking into their mirrors may soon be able to track both their physical and physiological states thanks to a grad student at MIT’s Media Lab (SlashGear.com, 4 October 2010). Ming-Zher Poh has created a two-way medical mirror with a built-in computer monitor and webcam, capable of measuring and tracking […]

Texas teens make a beauty statement on Tuesdays

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING A group of Texas teens at Colleyville Heritage High School are rebelling against modern beauty standards by going makeup-free once every week (Jezebel.com, 9 October 2010). The initiative was inspired by a beauty website and spearheaded by a student club called Redefining Beautiful. Every Tuesday, the girls wear T-shirts with […]


by Stefania Revelli As this year’s crowd of cowboys, witches and, of course, dentists gear up for the sweetest night of the year, they might be seeing a whole new side to trick-or-treating. Despite the $1.8 billion Americans are expected to spend on Halloween candy, individuals and nationwide groups are teaching kids that there’s more […]

Pillbox: A search engine for the medicine cabinet

by Stefania Revelli WHAT’S HAPPENING The Pillbox program, developed by the National Library of Medicine, lets professionals and pill poppers visually identify unfamiliar pills quickly, based on their physical attributes (Pillbox.NLM.NIH.gov 9.2.10). Users can opt for the online Quick search — which sorts medicine by imprint (letters, numbers on pill), shape, color and size — […]


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