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Allergy sufferers get star treament at this Lyon restaurant

by Lindsay Paterson WHAT’S HAPPENING The city of Lyon, often touted as the gastronomic capital of France, plays host to the country’s first restaurant aimed at allergy sufferers (LeParisien.fr, 29 April 2012). The owner says that allergy sufferers are often stigmatised and can’t readily eat out with friends and families in France’s mainstream restaurants, for […]

Haircuts on the run save time and money for French consumers

by Lindsay Paterson WHAT’S HAPPENING Beauty Bubbles are springing up all over France, offering consumers a cheap, quick and “eco-friendly” haircut or manicure on the go (e-marketing.fr, 30 August 2011). The bubbles offer €10 haircuts for both men and women in 10 minutes. The cuts are performed on dry hair, saving water and electricity — […]

French train company brings childcare and other services to the station

by Lindsay Paterson WHAT’S HAPPENING The French train company SNCF is opening crèches in a number of stations around France so that busy parents can drop off their offspring for the day before hopping on the train for the daily commute (Lexpress.fr, 15 April 2011). A test crèche opened in Roanne, near Lyon, in August […]


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