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by Hans Eisenbeis Last week much of the United States was plunged into hellacious heat, echoing the contentious situation in Washington, DC. While the weather is hot, the economy is cool, and no one is doing anything about either. The weather will eventually break, but can the economy fix itself? Although there aren’t many encouraging […]

The up and (mostly) down economy roller-coasters into autumn

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING According to figures from the U.S. government, personal incomes declined significantly in September 2010. Personal income dropped by $16 billion, and disposable income fell even more — a whopping $20 billion. That led to unexpectedly weak consumer spending during the same period (WalletPop.com, 1 November 2010). With incomes flat or […]

A recession today keeps the doctor away

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING As with all other forms of consumer spending, Americans have cut back on “discretionary” medical expenses like family checkups and elective procedures. An August 2010 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that more than one in four Americans have reduced their use of routine medical care due […]


by Hans Eisenbeis I said something wrong and she was really mad at me. I thought I’d smooth things over by picking up some ice cream from one of Minneapolis’s awesome creameries. Two scoops of vanilla with black pepper and rose water for my old friend — now that’s a personalized apology. You could say […]


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