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Scared cookless: Foodiephobia takes shape

by Charlotte Beal WHAT’S HAPPENING In a recent blog post for TheAtlantic.com, Lesley Freeman Riva wrote about a phenomenon she calls Foodiephobia: When Friends Fear Feeding You (5.26.10). Freeman Riva describes how she happily entertains (and cooks for) friends at her house, but then she began to notice that people rarely reciprocate. Finally, some of […]

What makes for a fashionable pantry?

by Grace Jidoun WHAT’S HAPPENING Did you know turmeric is in? The New York Times‘ T debuts “The New Staples,” a column spotlighting exotic or obscure ingredients that are showing up in restaurants and the kitchens of adventurous eaters. Vadouvan, Buddha’s hand (a claw-shaped citron) and duck hearts have all been featured, and in case […]


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