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NYC sandwich service makes surprise a key ingredient

by Sheri Linden WHAT’S HAPPENING Decisions, decisions. A Brooklyn-based service simplifies the daily lunch dilemma by removing choice from the equation. Promising “$7 random sandwich delivery in NYC,” Randwiches feeds excitement-starved foodies with inventive midday combos like five-spice meatballs with lavender béchamel. There’s no menu to mull, eliminating the need to solve one workday problem. Though the […]

Black farmers and urban gardeners grow in Brooklyn

by Lisa Parks WHAT’S HAPPENING Who says that African Americans aren’t interested in food sustainability and agricultural policies? Certainly not attendees of the first annual Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference, held in Brooklyn in November 2010. Throughout the 20 breakout sessions, participants discussed such topics as health issues that plague urban communities, traditional foodways, […]


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