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Anti-theft backpack offers sea change in beach security

by Bosco Chiclana WHAT’S HAPPENING A Spanish couple from Catalonia has invented By-Watch, an anti-theft backpack designed to be used on the beach. It allows beach-goers to lock their belongings inside and safely leave them behind as they have a care-free swim in the sea. (20minutos.es, 9 August 2011) The bag is made out of […]

Swedish pre-school goes gender-neutral

by Bosco Chiclana WHAT’S HAPPENING Egalia, a pre-school in a well-to-do district of Stockholm is attempting to free children from social expectations based on gender (bbc.co.uk 8 July 2011). Teachers avoid using the pronouns “him” and “her”, and dolls and trucks are placed deliberately side-by-side to encourage children to play with whatever they choose. Gender […]


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