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Payday loans: Even worse than critics say

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING A new study by the Center for Responsible Lending finds that the payday loan industry is not nearly as good as advertised for unbanked and underbanked consumers (Consumerist.com 7.14.09). Payday loans are targeted at lower income consumers who have no other access to credit. They receive a loan in advance […]

Competitive job seekers put on a fresh face

by Sarah Barker WHAT’S HAPPENING As the pressure to retain or land a new job increases, some job seekers are turning to a competitive-edge-in-a-needle, Botox (KGW.com 5.1.09). Advocates report that looking younger boosts both first impressions and personal confidence in job interviews. On June 5, Washington, DC-based aesthetics emporium Reveal offered a Botox Bailout — […]

Pie power: Creating community through dessert

by Nina Elder WHAT’S HAPPENING Pie Lab — a pop-up dessert shop in Greensboro, Alabama — serves pie, with a little hope on the side. Hale County, where Greensboro is located, is one of the poorest counties in America and it still struggles with deep-seeded racial divides. The organizers of Pie Lab hope to create […]

Reincarnated McMansion Project to upcycle a big abode into two eco-friendly digs

by Nissa Hanna WHAT’S HAPPENING A team of leading architects is asking Australian McMansion owners to enter the Reincarnated McMansion Project. The winner gets to have his obese abode dismantled … but in its place will stand two new eco-friendly accommodations. The project’s mission is to show Aussies an alternative to the existing unsustainable McMansion […]

A “regular” cookbook for digestive troubles

by Tory Davis WHAT’S HAPPENING The Un-Constipated Gourmet: Secrets to a Moveable Feast — 125 Recipes for the Regularity Challenged cookbook by Danielle Svetcov promises to help consumers poo sans lectures on exercise, low-fat eating or odd food pairings involving Metamucil. Instead, the book offers gourmet recipes (the author boldly compares her tome to The […]

Hard times at the Bunny Ranch

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING While Americans are engaging in more hanky panky during the Great Recession, they seem to be doing it at home and on the cheap: The legal brothels of Nevada are suffering from the economic malaise (The Observer 6.28.09). According to the Nevada Brothel Owners’ Association, many of the state’s bordellos […]

Gout makes an unwelcome comeback in overweight America

by Cree McCree WHAT’S HAPPENING Old-fashioned gout is back, and that’s not a good thing. Once the scourge of aristocrats bloated with fatty foods, the painful arthritis affliction is now stalking America’s overweight middle class. As many as six million Americans suffer from the disabling joint disease, which has doubled in incidence over the past […]

Who walks away from an underwater mortgage?

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING A June 2009 academic study from the University of Chicago looks very closely at the factors which influence some Americans with negative equity to walk away from their homes, even if they could afford to continue making mortgage payments. The mathematical tipping point: The researchers found that homeowners whose negative […]

GS1 DataBars link shoppers to extra savings

by Nissa Hanna WHAT’S HAPPENING Watch out, single-line barcodes; GS1 DataBars will soon hit store shelves to help customers save money and prevent them from purchasing expired goods. The torqued DataBars pack extra info into two lines of barcodes, so stores can offer coupons with multiple product discounts. For example, one coupon could offer deals […]

Smart billboards know the difference between boys and girls

by Paul Katz WHAT’S HAPPENING Smart billboards that can tell apart the men from the ladies are on the way. Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology, and Research has developed facial recognition software that can separate the sexes and then program a digital board to display gender-specific ads (CNET.com 6.17.09). The software is in Beta but […]

Israeli teen helps autos go green

by Rob van Alstyne WHAT’S HAPPENING 18-year-old Zion Badash has created a tiny device with huge carbon-footprint impact: a wheel-shaped auto add-on dubbed the Z5 that improves air flow to engines and increases combustion efficiency (The Jerusalem Post 3.15.09). Made of a special alloy and with a suggested retail price of $208, the Z5 has […]

Earthaid.net pays homeowners to reduce their energy use

by Josh Kimball WHAT’S HAPPENING Earthaid.net gives consumers a one-stop spot online to see how much juice their homes are using. The new service helps consumers monitor their home’s patterns, then pays them when they save energy. Using the motto “Smart for Your Wallet. Smart for the World,” Earth Aid Enterprises also sells Earth Aid […]

More Americans say, “Bring on the government for healthcare”

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING How desperate are Americans for relief from escalating health insurance costs and disappearing benefits? They’re increasingly willing to let the federal government get involved. That’s according to a May 2009 poll by CNN and Opinion Research, which found that 63% of survey respondents “would favor an increase in the federal […]

USB-powered microwave heats up office lunches

by Katie Elfering WHAT’S HAPPENING Office drones chained to their desks have no hope of heating up a hot lunch … until now. Heinz has developed a prototype USB-powered microwave that lets workers keep working and eat a hot lunch without leaving their desks. Called the Beanzawave, the mini-microwave stands a short 7.4-inches tall by […]

The nuclear option: Retiring early

by Hans Eisenbeis WHAT’S HAPPENING Thanks to the Great Recession and the huge bite it’s taken out of home equity, 401(k)s, and long-term savings, most Americans believe they’ll never be able to retire. But some older Boomers are taking the opposite approach: They’re taking early retirement to receive the guaranteed cash flow of social security […]


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