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by Nissa Hanna Right now is an empowering moment for shoppers. Retail’s at a turning point, one where online and offline purchase paths fluidly intertwine; access and choice are inherent to the best offerings; and consumers have unprecedented sovereignty. But that streamlined scenario still has a big hurdle: the procurement experience. Customers’ options are lean […]


by Robert van Alstyne Want to know the hot tech product that every consumer will be hankering for in 2012? Then don’t bother attending the Consumer Electronics Show. Although the annual trade show still draws 140,000+ attendees every year, major industry players increasingly prefer unveiling their most prized products away from the fray. The biggest […]


by Stefania Revelli As most of the nation’s little ones get into back-to-school mode, their Millennial and Xer parents are stuck with their own daily homework: solving the problem of how to pack more produce into lunchboxes — a struggle that dominates meal planners’ daily lives. Why else would Deceptively Delicious and its stealth approach to […]


by Robert van Alstyne Strap on your seatbelts, media lovers, because as content makes its ascent into the cloud and clashes break out between owners and distributors, it appears that all of us will be in for a bit of turbulence. Amazon recently shook the already wavering record industry with the unveiling of its Cloud […]

TEDBooks offer deep thoughts, speed reads

by Stephanie Davila WHAT’S HAPPENING A book is worth 10,000 words — at least it is for TED, the highly lauded nonprofit behind the Technology, Entertainment and Design conferences. The company is expanding into the e-book market with TEDBooks. TED begins its new publishing venture with three e-books, each priced at $3 and running between […]

Generation Earn dishes real-world financial advice for 20somethings

by Jana Branch WHAT’S HAPPENING In January 2011, Kimberly Palmer’s Generation Earn: A Young Professional’s Guide to Spending, Investing and Giving Back climbed Amazon’s rankings, outrunning Suze Orman’s venerable titles about personal finance. Palmer rejects the Millennial sobriquet “Generation Debt” and instead empowers peers to take control of their finances and, in the process, make […]

Giiv sends gifts through text message

by Nissa Hanna WHAT’S HAPPENING Beta site Giiv is offering gift givers and receivers “texting with benefits.” Through the service, present presenters have a simple and instantaneous way to deliver their gifts: via text message. The giver picks a gift from one of Giiv’s retail partners (including Amazon, Toms Shoes, Barnes & Noble, Teleflora, Wine.com […]


by Paul Katz I assumed I had book smarts in the Digital Age. Crammed into several shelves in my living room are 600 tomes of all shapes, sizes and genres, but slipped into the top shelf is a Kindle loaded with 100 titles. In my tiny Brooklyn apartment, buying a digital e-book reader seemed like […]


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