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Bergmönch eliminates the downside of mountain hiking

by Sarah Barker WHAT’S HAPPENING Mountain hiking enthusiasts can ascend with the folded Bergmönch scooter in backpack mode, unfold it and coast back down standing or kneeling (, 14 July 2011). The backpack/scooter was developed to eliminate stress on joints caused by descending and to turn anticlimactic downward drudgery into a thrilling ride. The lightweight […]

Aging nomads find a home in an assisted-living RV park

by Cree McCree WHAT’S HAPPENING Hitting the road in an RV has long been a popular option for adventurous retirees. But what happens when a frequent need for medical care becomes an anchor? Matures reluctant to sell their rigs can pull into Escapees Care in Livingston, TX, the country’s first RV park with assisted living […]

Delhi Metro engineers stations to harvest rainwater

by Rasika Batra WHAT’S HAPPENING Imagine train stations that double as water sumps. That’s Delhi Metro in its third phase of construction. With the goal of decreasing its carbon footprint and conserving groundwater, every newly built station will have a rainwater harvesting system (, 3 September 2011). Rainwater will be collected not just from the station’s rooftop, but also from the […]

Driving change: Netherlands tests per-mile car tax

by Sairica Rose WHAT’S HAPPENING The Netherlands government is road-testing a meter that would tax car drivers according to how many miles they cover (, 11 August 2011). Wirelessly connected to the internet and GPS, the system calculates a charge for each journey using a mileage-based formula that also takes account of a car’s fuel efficiency, time […]

Netherlands station slide eases congestion and generates smiles

by Sairica Rose WHAT’S HAPPENING Running late? Need to make a quick exit? Dutch Design firm HIK Ontwerpers has installed an adult-size slide at Overvecht Subway Station to help commuters glide through the congestion (, 13 July 2011). The slide – or transfer accelerator – was installed in July 2011 during station renovations. It was […]

Parisian commuting gets technologically smarter

by Lindsay Paterson WHAT’S HAPPENING The Paris travel authorities are making metro and bus travel even simpler for commuters by putting travel passes on smartphones (, 6 July 2011). Currently, commuters swipe their ‘Navigo’ cards to pay for their journey, but they’ll soon be able to swipe their smartphones over special readers instead, giving them […]

Check out: Check-in facilities at metro stations in Delhi for domestic air travellers

by Aditi Krishnan WHAT’S HAPPENING Carefree air travel is Delhi’s new mantra. Not only is the the Delhi Metro Airport Express Limited’s (DAMEL) new airport metro expressline ensuring contracted commute times to the airport, domestic air passengers can now enjoy being luggage free by checking in baggage at two of its metro stations. Three airlines, […]

ABC sitcoms go bicultural, ads and all

by Abelardo de la Pena Jr. WHAT’S HAPPENING Two must-watch ABC sitcoms in a SoCal bicultural midlifer household took on a bicultural turn themselves, commercials and all (Iconoculture observation, 11 May 2011). In Modern Family, Gloria, played by Sofia Vergara, gets her husband Jay to hear a business pitch from her friend Guillermo. Jay berates […]

Ticket Angels give car owners a heads-up to avoid parking tickets

by Jana Branch WHAT’S HAPPENING In Santa Monica, CA, parking in the wrong place during street cleaning will net you a $64 ticket. That hurts, but when one neighbor warned another to move his car, they saw a business opportunity, and the Ticket Angels was born. Members’ specially stickered cars are on the route of […]

Leader of German auto belt says “make fewer cars”

by Kimberly Ochs WHAT’S HAPPENING Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party governor of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany’s “cradle of the automobile”, has called for the car industry to reduce production. In an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the Green Party politician said, “Fewer cars are of course better than more. We must sell mobility […]

Spain launches mini-bus service for kids

by Sairica Rose WHAT’S HAPPENING Spanish bus company ALSA has launched Pequebus (Li’l Bus), Spain’s first kid-friendly minibus service, meaning Spain’s smallest travellers can ride the bus in style and safety while their parents rest easy. The minibuses feature car seats, audiovisual entertainment and specially adapted luggage racks to cater to travellers aged five and […]

French train company brings childcare and other services to the station

by Lindsay Paterson WHAT’S HAPPENING The French train company SNCF is opening crèches in a number of stations around France so that busy parents can drop off their offspring for the day before hopping on the train for the daily commute (, 15 April 2011). A test crèche opened in Roanne, near Lyon, in August […]

World’s first commercial electric bus is running in Korea

by Jeongmae Choi WHAT’S HAPPENING Buses with no exhaust pipes are traveling the streets of Seoul, making the city greener and its air cleaner. The distinctive peanut-shaped electric bus runs on lithium-ion polymer batteries and can reach speeds of up to 100 km (62 miles) per hour (Segye Ilbo, 15 February 2011). A single charge, […]

Bus a move: Tween girl teaches dance via traveling bus

by Lisa Parks WHAT’S HAPPENING Twelve-year-old Amiya Alexander has her peers dancing in the street. The Detroit tween launched Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy for kids whose families can’t afford the cost of professional lessons. Drawing up a blueprint in crayon, Amiya developed a business plan for a traveling studio within a pink school bus (, […]


by Sumaa Tekur When it comes to flying high, Indians prefer to go private. In their choice of airline for domestic travel, Air India, the country’s government-owned official airline, is lowest on the preference list. It’s a seat in one of the private airlines that air travellers want to occupy. In 2010, Air India flew […]


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