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MEAT Podcast, Episode 13: The Emmys and the iPhone 5

by Mike Garrison, Andrew Hawn, Katie Elfering and Robert van Alstyne Media, Entertainment and Technology Strategists discuss the news of the week — the new iPhone 5 and the Emmys.  For more information and to listen,  click here.

Maily offers email for the pre-K crowd

by Robert van Alstyne WHAT’S HAPPENING After baby’s first steps comes … first emails? Parents eager to get their tots electronically communicating early are downloading Maily, a free iPad email app aimed at users as young as 4 years old. Maily’s image-rich interface allows kiddos to send virtual finger-paintings if they aren’t yet literate, making […]

American Olympics viewers go for gold … in griping

by Robert van Alstyne The biggest story of London’s summer Olympics for many consumers in the US wasn’t Michael Phelps’s record-setting medal haul; it was frustration with their viewing options. Consumers howled on Twitter throughout the Games over the perceived shortcomings in NBC’s coverage, making #NBCFail a trendy hashtag in the process. Although the network […]

MEAT Podcast, Episode 11: Celebrity gossip and the Olympics

by Mike Garrison, Katie Elfering and Robert van Alstyne Media, Entertainment and Technology Strategists discuss the celebrity news of the week as well as the Olympics. For more information and to listen, click here.  


by Hans Eisenbeis The 2012 London Olympics are upon us, and before we get too immersed in the 100-meter butterfly or the triple jump, we should pause and consider what the Games mean to a world that continues the sometimes painful process of shrinking. Even though markets and borders are more open today than ever […]


by Stefania Revelli The French Open. The LA Kings. The Euro 2012 soccer championships. Olympics fever. It’s an exciting time for sports fans, but especially for female fans. Women athletes often get less attention for their merit and more for their magnetism, while female fans are perceived as superficial and less knowledgeable (see the Baseball […]

Media companies consider their brainprint

by Jana Branch WHAT’S HAPPENING Carbon footprint, water footprint and … brainprint? Yep, that’s a way to talk about the impact that content has on the global awareness of sustainability — from environmental issues to the triple bottom line. And communicating these ideas is a big deal for media companies. While brainprint is actually unquantifiable, […]


by Nissa Hanna Uh-oh. I was running late for dinner with a friend. When I arrived at the restaurant with apologies, she looked up from her phone, smiled and said, “That’s OK; I was just shopping.” She’s not the only one turning delays into shopping head starts. Her savvy use of that downtime is reflective […]

MEAT podcast, Episode 10: News and the evolution of the Power of Suggestion Trend

by Andrew Hawn, Mike Garrison, Katie Elfering and Robert van Alstyne Media, Entertainment and Technology Strategists discuss the news of the week — Facebook’s purchase of Instagram and Tupac at Coachella — and the evolution of Iconoculture’s the Power of Suggestion Trend.  For more information and to listen, click here.

People Power: The latest macrotrend shifting the consumer landscape

by Josh Kimball At Iconoculture, we track consumer culture, digging deep to understand people’s desires and motivations. We research the small shifts in people’s behavior in order to understand the big ones. And every once in a while, like right about now, we see a major tilt in the consumer landscape. When our research observes […]

The Future Is Coming: How advertising and the digital data trail will purify us of our love for the past and kill off nostalgia

by Josh Kimball Digitally enabled by easily accessible evocations of their past, consumers’ very memories are now being relentlessly commoditized. Images of our weddings and graduations, memories of kids’ births and grandparents’ faces now get snugly wrapped by ads for automobiles and toothpaste. The commercialization of our personal and collective pasts has significant cultural and […]


by Joshua Kimball Word nerds, step aside. In the world of emerging social media, right now it’s better to be seen and not read. This week, Instagram, the app that lets users easily filter and share photographs using their smartphones, finally opened to Android handsets, adding 1 million users within 24 hours (Slate, 4 April […]

MEAT Podcast, Episode 9: The Hunger Games opening and SXSW

by Andrew Hawn, Mike Garrison and Katie Elfering Media, Entertainment and Technology Strategists discuss The Hunger Games opening and SXSW.  For more information and to listen,  click here.

Walmart invites fledgling brands to “Get on the Shelf”

by Nissa Hanna WHAT’S HAPPENING Walmart is calling all product inventors and budding brands with “Get on the Shelf,” a competition that gives enterprising people a shot at putting their idea on the retailer’s sales floor. Shelf-space-seeking hopefuls submit a video touting their product, then campaign for support on social networks or their own website. […]

Teens share passwords instead of exchanging rings

by Cree McCree WHAT’S HAPPENING Time was, teens swapped gum mouth to mouth to show their affection. Today’s true-love ritual is much less yucky, but arguably far more intimate: sharing passwords to email and Facebook accounts. The widespread practice is growing. 30% of US teens have shared passwords with a steady, with girls almost twice […]


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