Kids get the cold shoulder from Jell-O’s adults-only vending machine

thumbnailby Nissa Hanna


  • Sorry, kids, you’ll just have to wait: Jell-O’s concept vending machine dishes out free samples of its Temptations desserts — but only to sweets seekers with facial features that reveal a bit more mileage.
  • Kraft is using the facial-recognition device to promote its first line of indulgent adult treats (layered, mousse-like confections in flavors like French Silk Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake). If it detects the mug of a juvenile, a panel illuminates with the message: “Sorry, kid. You’re too young to experience indulgence like this. Please step away so the adults can get their free treat” (, 26 December 2011).
  • Verified adults are sent a sample code via text or barcode (which keeps enthusiastic users from trying more than one treat per day) that they use to dispense their choice of one of six Temptations flavors.


  • Innovative marketers are thinking outside the box to push vending machines into more interactive territory, giving consumers a novel and fun experience while lighting up the brand image.
  • Responsive vending machines don’t just dispense products; they also deliver a feeling of reward and satisfaction to customers who use their skill, mind or time to earn the treat.


  • Kraft
  • Jell-O: The facial recognition vending machine is being tested in New York and Chicago.

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