Above it all: BrightFarms grows food at the grocery store

thumbnailby Nina Elder


  • With BrightFarms on-site greenhouses, grocery store produce is getting fresher.
  • The company contracts with grocery stores to build and manage hydroponic greenhouses on their rooftops. BrightFarms takes care of all the operations and the stores agree to buy all of the produce that’s grown upstairs.
  • Growing produce right where it’s sold eliminates shipping costs and the environmental impact of driving produce across the country, offers consumers just-picked freshness and extends the shelf life of fruits and veggies.
  • So far, ten grocery store chains have contracted with BrightFarms and three more are close to inking a deal.


  • Farmers’ markets have reminded consumers of the goodness of fresh, local produce. Grocery stores have to perk up their produce sections to keep up with consumer demand and expectations.
  • Chefs and restaurants are planting their own gardens. Why shouldn’t grocery stores jump on the grow-it-yourself bandwagon, too?
  • Consumers care about the origins of their food and the environmental impact of what they’re eating. On-site grocery-store gardens speak to both of these consumer desires.


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