EtherFilms platform from Halo-8 evolutionizes entertainment


by Jana Branch


  • L.A. production house Halo-8 Entertainment has seen the future of films and TV, and they call it EtherFilms. The HTML5 delivery platform is meant to disrupt linear narrative in film and online books, enabling the viewer to guide the watching experience. That turns passive consumption into a mode of narrative discovery.
  • Think of any combo of book, game, film and DVD extras on steroids. Or ADD. With no boundaries. The ability to jump from film to actor interview to character backstory, back to the film, out to the game, etc., may be too much for all but the most devoted fans. But tamer versions enabled by EtherFilms will give the struggling film industry new ways to grab audience hearts and eyes.
  • Halo-8 announced EtherFilms at Comic Com 2011 and already has four projects in the works to demonstrate its capabilities: Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts; Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods;  Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes; and Hack/Slash.


  • People who dismiss transmedia as cross-platform marketing with a fancier name are missing the point. This is nothing less than an evolutionary shift in narrative possibilities.
  • Linear storytelling will never die, but today it’s only the beginning. And for younger gens, linear storytelling is literally so last century.
  • Branding mavens know it already, but we’ll say it again: In an era when content is king, story is gold.
  • The term “transmedia” may currently evoke more “huh?” than “aha!,” but consumers have already spoken: They want more ways to dig deeper into storyworlds, franchises and characters they love.


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