Daily Archives: May 3, 2011

Thisfish tracks seafood from water to waiter

by Nina Elder WHAT’S HAPPENING Ecotrust Canada’s Thisfish tagging system keeps tabs on the journey of consumers’ ocean-based dinners. Here’s how it works: Participating fishermen in western and eastern Canada tag individual fish or entire lots of seafood with a unique code. When consumers type the code into the Thisfish website they can see who […]

French train company brings childcare and other services to the station

by Lindsay Paterson WHAT’S HAPPENING The French train company SNCF is opening crèches in a number of stations around France so that busy parents can drop off their offspring for the day before hopping on the train for the daily commute (Lexpress.fr, 15 April 2011). A test crèche opened in Roanne, near Lyon, in August […]

Color’s photo-sharing puts freewheeling spin on mobile social mores

by Robert van Alstyne WHAT’S HAPPENING Consumers seeking an in-the-moment social media rundown on their immediate surroundings can now turn to Color, a photo-based mobile social application that turns traditional social network conventions on their head in favor of amped up immediacy and implicit connectivity. In stark contrast to closed system photo-sharing apps like Path […]


by Gwyneth Holland, Sr. Editor, Europe Europe’s fluid borders are now taken for granted by its citizens, but recent calls by Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi to tighten European migration and reinstate strict border controls jar with Europeans’ global outlook. The fluid nature of traveling and working in different European countries allows many to cross […]


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