Cowork spaces give German free agents structure and social support

thumbnailby Jana Branch


  • Any freelance creative or digital nomad knows the struggle of sticking to structure outside of an office environment. In Germany, lone rangers are heading to coworking spaces like ClubOffice, Studio70, Betahaus and Wostel, where a coffeehouse atmosphere and office-type space combine for greater productivity.
  • ClubOffice is an early supporter of coworkstyle, and it also hosts social events, sponsors Coworking Week (September) and recently added a co-cooking option.
  • Betahaus, poised for franchise expansion, is encouraging a wider conversation about coworking. Their “People in Beta are taking over your radio” documentary on Vimeo is the first foray.
  • The Wostel (work + hostel) is a new local storefront in Berlin’s creative Neukölln area, also home to Studio70. Wostel is getting notice for its “red room,” a moody draw for writers.
  • Rates for space vary. Informal meetups known as “jellies” give the curious an opportunity to hang out with the kind of people they would share air with at a cowork space.


  • Cowork is a phenomenon cropping up in every country, but younger German entrepreneurs and knowledge workers have really started making it happen in the last couple of years. Their mobility and flexibility will continue to reshape how they work and, by extension, how they play.
  • The nature of work around the world is changing. More choice and flexibility are needed, but without cutting all the social cords.


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