The rise of the lipsticked men

thumbnailby Kiran Manral


  • Appearance-conscience urban Indian men are not hesitating to add a dash of colour to enhance their looks. A slight slick of lip balm or a smidgeon of concealor is not inappropriate… as long as they think they aren’t overdoing it to get into drag queen territory.
  • Not content with getting their skin and hair in shipshape through all the male-specific beauty care ranges, they’re invading the cosmetic pouches of the women in their lives to pull out the kohl and the lip gloss, even the undereye concealer (Times of India, 17 March 2011).
  • Men form a major customer base of the beauty salons and specialty treatment centres in India. Regular on the dandy man’s beauty wishlist are facials, manicures, pedicures and other skin treatments.


  • From nude shades of lipstick to cover up cigarette-blackened lips to skin-coloured concealer for stubborn pimples, men aren’t inhibited to try out makeup to look well turned out.
  • Men exposed to the latest fashion trends and those in jobs requiring them to look good are using these products, conventionally thought to be a woman’s need. The increase of online cosmetics shopping options has prompted men to order online if they do not want to ask the women in their lives to try out the new lipstick.


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