Shriram Transport sets up driving schools

thumbnailby Kiran Manral


  • One transport financing firm, Shriram Transport Finance, is setting up driving schools across the country.
  • The first school will start in early 2011 in Kolhapur, where an NGO, with IIT alumnus, will help train drivers in order to create employment opportunities for those who have not been able to complete their education (Times of India, 15 February 2011).
  • The aim is to create a pool of trained drivers who could be hired by Shriram’s borrowers, who are reluctant to expand their fleets because of the lack of properly trained drivers for commercial vehicles.
  • The training also works in favour of those who hesitate to become first-time car owners because they are not drivers, especially in small-town India.


  • Consumers can now hire a driver along with signing up for financing to purchase a commercial vehicle, at one single point.
  • Unemployed youth, whether educated or uneducated, are looking for employment opportunities. Such initiatives help them gain employable skills.
  • Drivers also turn entrepreneurs, with a substantial number applying for loans for owner driven vehicles like trucks and other commercial vehicles.


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