Players throw the dice in favour of Kavade

thumbnailby Sajita Krishnan


  • Old is gold. But here, this wealth refers to a piece of wood and a few seashells to make a game. Traditional games are a relic of the past for Gen Xers addicted to TV, playstations and computer games. Kavade (meaning cowrie shells in the south Indian language Kannada), a play and activity centre in one of Bangalore’s old localities, aims to introduce the TV generation to ancient board games.
  • Kavade revives fun-filled folk games that are on the verge of extinction, and provides the materials and space to encourage visitors to play. They also stock brainteasers and books about toys.
  • Games and toys at Kavade are made using eco-friendly products like grass, cowrie shells, palm leaves, stones, fabric, canvas and even elephant dung (, 3 November 2010).


  • To an entire generation growing up not ever seeing a world without electronic communication, an introduction to traditional games is a humble tribute to entertainment of yore. In the crammed busyness of life, such games take the players back to a simpler, less complicated time.
  • Traditional games are known to be good learning aids. They foster bonding and impart life & concept skills to children.


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