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I’ve been enjoying almost daily glasses of rosé as part of my usual summer routine — did you know that wine has a season? Nothing tastes quite as refreshing to me or many of my wine-loving consumer-cousins.

Yet I’ve had a number of wine wake-up calls this summer. As part of Iconoculture’s Quantified Analysis product launch, our Values and Lifestyle Survey found that only 36% of U.S. consumers drink wine at least once a month (Wave 1, 2010). Contrast that with Italy, the country in our survey that showed the greatest density of drinkers: 62% of Italian respondents down vino at least monthly.

Most American consumers would argue that beer is what really hits the spot. A new Gallup poll found that 67% of Americans say they drink alcohol — the highest reading recorded since 1985. But beer is usually what’s in the glass ( 7.30.10).

Traveling from my home state of California (land of vineyards and vacation lifestyles) to New York City recently reminded me that it’s not always so easy to buy wine at places like the grocery store. Iconoculture recently wrote about one Pennsylvania attempt to rectify this: wine vending machines at supermarkets. Controversial perhaps, but efforts like that, combined with innovations like respectful boxed varietals, might make it easier for that 36% to enjoy wine more often.

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