College-bound: More Latino students leaving the nest

thumbnailby Rocio Zamora Arzola


  • When it came to college, Latino students tended to attend one near home to stay close to family. Now, more young Latinos are opting for schools outside their communal comfort zones.
  • Between 1975 to 2009, Latinos enrolling in four-year colleges located more than 50 miles from home rose from 46% to 59%, according to a study by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute ( 2.15.10).
  • Why the change?  Researchers attribute it to the growth of the Latino middle class, the rising educational confidence of second and third generation Latinos and colleges and universities in Midwest and New England stepping up recruitment of college-age Latinos.


  • Latino parents with some college experience of their own are becoming more willing than previous generations to loosen family ties and allow their children to leave home for an education.
  • Like all college students far from home, this growing consumer cohort is going to need a lot of stuff: Think warm clothes, family wireless plans and frequent flyer programs.


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