GS1 DataBars link shoppers to extra savings

thumbnailby Nissa Hanna


  • Watch out, single-line barcodes; GS1 DataBars will soon hit store shelves to help customers save money and prevent them from purchasing expired goods.
  • The torqued DataBars pack extra info into two lines of barcodes, so stores can offer coupons with multiple product discounts. For example, one coupon could offer deals on pancake mix, maple syrup and orange juice ( 6.6.09).
  • The DataBars could also keep customers from purchasing past-its-prime products; the code stores sell-by dates, and will alert the checkout attendant if an expired item is scanned.


  • Multiple product coupons help consumers save by tailoring a discount for a targeted event or activity like making breakfast or backyard fun. Consumers feel like they’re getting a good deal when retailers help them save on these suites of products.
  • Busy shoppers don’t have time to check every expiration date that’s chucked into their carts. A barcode that keeps them from buying about-to-go-bad goods is a welcome enhancement, because if those items make it home it reflects poorly on the retailer.


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